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ETERNITY Organics key ingredient - Progesterone.

What is Progesterone?

First, we need to clarify the difference between the progesterone that is made by your body (the safe one) and the progesterone that has been molecularly altered (the prescription one).

It is really important to understand these two progesterones:

1. The one made by your body is bio-identical & safe

2. The synthetic version (progestin, progestogen, or mediroxy-progesterone acetate)

Most fail to distinguish between the progesterone (progestins) that have many undesirable side-effects and the progesterone (bio-identical) that, when used according to directions, has no recorded side-effects.

Bio-identical progesterone, when supplied in a proper cream formula, has 40+ years of safety and effectiveness.


Elyn Jacobs
New York, NY
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